What is Education:

Education is described as: the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research, as per Wikipedia.

What is ELearning:

ELearning is when learning or education is available online on a website, such as at ISME- International School for Management Excellence! The Institute which is one of the top E-learning Schools Goa, focuses on excellence in education by providing professional management courses.

The pros and cons:

While every method of learning has pros and cons, the significant advantages of elearning are many. Add to that, when you enroll with ISME, which is one of the best online business schools Maharashtra & Goa, you get a host of feasible options available online to continue your learning!

Let us look at some advantages:


Why do we say elearning at ISME is simple?! Well, once you select and enroll for a desired course online, the course material will be sent to your nominated address! Isn’t this convenient!


This is a huge advantage for students that reside in rural areas, those with physical disabilities and those who stay quite a distance from the nearest educational institute. As long as you can access the internet, the programs of ISME are available at your fingertipe!

Workplace related

What you learn must also be what you can implement in your workplace- that’s the purpose of having an education! Which is exactly how all ISME programs are structured! Being one of the best online business schools Maharashtra & Goa, we constantly upgrade and update our reference material so that it benefits our students!

Financial benefit

Money matters are a touchy subject! This turns into a major hurdle when applying at an esteemed institute. Well, at ISME we understand that money matters and do not let this deter your thirst for learning! Great to hear, isn’t it!

Visit us online:

Visit us online:

For more information on ISME, visit us online, go through our exhaustive list of programs, and enroll today! Admissions open. Enjoy learning!

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