Diploma In Electrical Engineering

Details of Diploma In Electrical Engineering


Learn electrical engineering including: circuit theory, electrical machines designs, power electronics and much more with this advanced Diploma in electrical engineering with ISME! Enroll after your Xth and with 5 years of experience! We are among the Best Distance Learning Schools in Maharashtra!

Minimum Qualification for Distance Learning

Minimum Qualification

S.S.C. with 5 yrears exp.

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Short Duration Courses in ISME


3 Years / 1 year

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Syllabus of Diploma In Electrical Engineering

Part I

1. Applied Mathematics
2. Engineering Physics
3. Applied Chemistry
4. Circuit Theory
5. Computer Application

Part II

1. Electrical Machines
2. Electrical Instruments & Measurement
3. Electrical Machines Designs
4. Control of Electrical Machines

Part III

1. Technical Communication
2. Microprocessor
3. Power Electronics
4. Industrial Training
5. Installation & Maintenance of Electrical Engg
6. Environment Education