Learning Benefits

Learning Benefits at ISME

Find out the Benefits that ISME offers


In most cases, you merely have to apply at Institute or directly Online for a program; the course materials will be sent directly to your home once enrolled at the Institute.



Speaking of comfort, you’ll have the choice to study anyplace you wish, in any way. Every day can be casual day.


Life-Long Learning

As a distance education student, you implicitly show employers that you understand the concept of life-long learning. A specific program or course is only another step in the process of becoming a better person.



Employers are in favour of distance education students, because they are natural multi-taskers. Most of them are already juggling full-time jobs, family responsibilities and their course work. Prioritizing is a necessary skill.



Distance education is more accessible for those in rural areas, people with physical challenges, lack of transportation or child-care issues. Not only does this create an automatic education-for-all attitude, but it also results in a wider selection of talents and attitudes for employers to choose from.



Distance learning is extremely effective in this age of technology. You’ll be interacting with the newest technologies at your own pace, and you’ll have the best tools available to advance your learning.



The convenience of an Distance Learning program means you can continue with your regular life – job, family, recreation. Research also indicates that on-line graduates are flexible about such things as workplace demands and are willing to adapt to changes in technology.



Employers realize the commitment it takes a distance education student to keep up with assignments and tests without supervision. The ability to work unsupervised is an asset in any workplace.



Distance students tend to earn equal or higher grades than students in conventional educational settings. Higher grades mean more confidence when entering the workforce.



In general, distance education students tend to be motivated self-starters who strive to get ahead and can take assignments to completion. This is the kind of person employers love to have join their team.



A focused, trade-based curriculum will leave the distance education graduate better positioned to enter the workforce than their university counterparts.


True one-on-one instruction

Because your interaction with your instructor will be through email or the phone, you will have the benefit of the instructor’s full attention at all times. There’s no competing to be heard, and the instructors are able to create custom solutions to your questions.


Financial Benefits

With the rising costs in post-secondary education, self directed learning has many benefits including: affordability, convenience, no additional accommodation costs, no transportation costs, as well as self confidence and self esteem benefits.



In self-directed study, students get to control when and where they want to learn, whether it be in the office or the comfort of their own home. This learning option makes it easier for adult learners to balance the demands of work and family while pursuing enhanced career skills. With flexible learning schedules, where you get to choose your own hours, it’s never been easier to achieve your goals Where you take your education is entirely up.


Course Selection

What are the chances that the program you want is offered locally? Most places only have a single community college – and some don’t even have one of those. But with online education, the sky is the limit. Any course you can imagine, you can probably find online.