Advance Diploma In Electronics Engineering

Details of Advance Diploma In Electronics Engineering


This all encompassing program includes subjects: integrated circuit, electronics instrumental, micro processor and much more! In order to enroll, the student must be Xth pass along with 5 years of experience. Enroll at ISME, among the Best Distance Learning Colleges in Maharashtra & Goa!

Minimum Qualification for Distance Learning

Minimum Qualification

S.S.C. with 5 years exp.

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₹ 25,000/-

Short Duration Courses in ISME


2 years /
1 year

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Fast Track Duration


Syllabus of Advance Diploma In Electronics Engineering

Part I

1. Analog Electronics
2. Integrated Circuit
3. Medical Electronics
4. Electronics Instrumental

Part II

1. Digital Signal Processing
2. Micro Processors
3. Electronics Components & Materials
4. Personnel Administration
5. Principles of Communication Engineering