Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Details of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering


Enroll for this long duration Diploma at ISME after your SSC and with 5 years of experience! This program includes: introduction to IT, thermodynamics, production management and much more! ISME is among the Best Distance Learning Schools in Maharashtra.

Minimum Qualification for Distance Learning

Minimum Qualification

S.S.C. with 5 yrears exp.

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Short Duration Courses in ISME


3 Years / 1 year

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Fast Track Duration


Syllabus of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Part I

1. Applied Mathematics
2. Applied Physics
3. Applied Chemistry
4. Introduction Information Technology
5. Engineering Drawing

Part II

1. Mechanical Engineering Drawing
2. Fluid Machines
3. Industrial Economics
4. Thermodynamics
5. Theory of Machines

Part III

1. Machines Design
2. Applied Machines
3. Principals of management
4. Production Management
5. Electrical & Electronics Engg.